Supplements: What You Should Know

Diet supplements are those additional nutritive materials that are taken to improve the intake of those specific nutrients. Supplements could be voluntarily taken or prescribed by the doctor. Women's supplements such as omega 3 and omega 6 are mostly taken voluntarily to improve their composition in the body.

In some states, supplements are referred to as foods while in others, supplements are treated as nutritive drugs. Most supplements are used for treatment of diseases. Where a person have blood deficiency or anaemia in his body, a prescription of multivitamins and iron rich supplements is given. This hepls the body to facilitate proper blood formation in the bone marrows.

Dietary supplements can be used to support the main diet but can not be used to replace the main diet in totality. Most supplements contain vitamins, fibre, amino acids, fatty acids and mineral salts. Supplements have to be made in accordance to the set standards and high quality assurance. Most supplements are taken orally or by swallowing through the mouth canal. Check out the best slimming pills here!

Supplements are supposed to be taken as per the prescription by a qualified doctor. Overdose of supplements could be very fatal to human beings as it accumulates in the body and causes health issues later on in life. Any person with allergic reaction should carefully read the packaging material to see the ingredients used in its manufacture. If he finds any item which he or she is allergic to, that person should avoid the supplement in totality. Otherwise, the body could get seriously sensitive to try and repell the simple small quantity ingredient.

In the European Union states, there exists a supplements regulation which states that before any supplement is sold in the market, it should be callibrated as fit for human consumption.

Animals such as dogs, cats, cows do also require supplement intake. Not only human beings require food supplements. If a chicken have little Calcium mineral, it will lay sub-standard eggs thus reducing the quality of its production. Cows will need to be fed with dietary supplements for them to remain healthy, strong and productive. If a cow gives birth, it will require to be offered minerals supplements so as to recess its health to the original state that it was. Iron supplements will help a cow to regain blood in its cardio vascular system.

However, doctors are very vocal saying that people should try as much as possible to take unprocessed foods. This is because unprocessed foods are more in their natural form and thus no alteration has been done to them . Most supplements are in processed form and thus should only be taken as a measure of last resort and dietary deficiency.
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